Who we are

Our company

Hightech with heart and passion.

VS srl is specialized in the design and construction of molds for cold working of sheet metal. The activity is carried out on over 10,000 m² of covered area and the production of molds – up to 40 tons – addresses to different product sectors, in particular, to the major European car manufacturers.

Our complete service from design to final assembly allows us to offer full guarantee of quality and flexible reactions to the requests of our Clients, especially thanks to the introduction of presses up to 2000 tons, of a laser cutting and a laser welding department.

VS srl - Profilo aziendale

Vision / Mission

The connection between Client benefits and economy

VS srl is a traditional innovative company, which grows in a sustainable way, consolidates its central position in the industrial value chain and thus offers its Clients the best results.

Its growth bases on continuous investments in technological innovation of production processes through sophisticated machinery that meet the requirements of “Industry 4.0” and “smart factory”, on a strong Client focus and on a strong global presence. VS srl will continue to expand its strengths in the future in order to guarantee its continuous business success

VS srl means:
Experience and reliability
Research and development
Fast execution and flexibility
Execution of overall processes
Know-how and knowledge transfer
Growth and internationalization

Our story

Tradition for passion

Established in 1971 by Vittorio Furlan VS srl has become today a renowned medium-sized company with over 50 employees.

Our milestones
1971 At the age of 26, Vittorio Furlan founded a small workshop in the heart of his native town, Ceggia.
1981 New construction and move to the industrial building in Via 1 ° Maggio, Ceggia.
1982 It starts to open to foreign markets.
1985 First deliveries to producers of the automotive industry.
2001 Construction of a new industrial building with 5.430 m² of covered area in Via Po 85, Ceggia.
2002 First production of transfer molds with dimensions exceeding 3000 mm.
2009 Expansion of the covered production area of 2.710 m²; installation of a 1.000 tons press (Mossini) with a table of 4.500×2.500 mm and installation of a 5-axis high-speed machining center OMV 3.000×1.200×1.600 mm.
2011 Installation of a 2.000 tons (Gigant) press with a table of 4.500×2.500 mm
2012 Installation of a FPT DINO TXT 2.800×1.600xh800 mm milling machine and of a Rambaudi high-speed portal milling machine of 6.000×2.500 mm
2015 Expansion of the covered production area to 2.380 m², metrology equipment with a Hexagon mobile camera and installation of a Dinomax FPT milling machine with mobile portal 6.000×3.200×1.500 mm
2016 Installation of a tamping press (Nava) with a table of 2.500×1.700 mm
2017 Installation of a high-speed OMV Shark milling machine with fixed bench and movable uprights of 3.000×1.200×1.600 mm and installation of a high precision FPT milling machine Ronin Evo with 8.000×1.500×2.500 mm mobile uprights, both Industrie 4.0.
2018 Purchase of a new industrial building of 2.650 m² of covered area; installation of a Prima Industrie Rapid 3D laser and installation of a laser welding system by Alfpha Laser.
2023 The brothers Michele and Roberto Furlan, equipped with a great technical background, entrepreneurial spirit and over twenty years of experience in the sector, decide to acquire the company, aware of the significant challenges present in the global market and strong competition. This is how, on 1 July 2023, VS Srl was born.

Thanks to continuous investments VS srl is today among other things also a direct and qualified supplier of the main world producers in the automotive industry.

Our skills

Satisfaction = expertise + quality + precision + reliability

Technical expertise, high quality standards of our molds and products and the highest precision combined with reliability are the basis of the constant satisfaction of our Clients and therefore of the long-term success.

Principles of our work
Introduction of the most innovative mold design and construction technologies.
Use of standard and excellent quality materials.
Making the production process more effective and efficient

However, all these principles would be empty words if we would not focus on our Clients and their needs. For this reason we believe that collaboration and synergy with Clients are essential.
We do understand that the success of our Clients depends also on our ability to understand their purposes and products, so we simply turn purposes and products into reality.
In all this, our ability to be flexible and versatile, to adapt quickly to changing needs and circumstances plays an important role.