The design and construction of molds for cold working of sheet metal

Cold working of sheet metal is an essential industrial process for the production of high quality metal components. Mold design and construction are crucial elements in ensuring the success of this process.

Mould design:
Die design for cold sheet metal working requires in-depth knowledge of material characteristics, finished product requirements, and machine tool capabilities. Some crucial points to consider in mold design include: product geometry, extrusion force, and material flow.

Construction of the molds:
Once the design phase has been completed, it is essential to move on to the construction of the molds themselves. This phase requires specialized technical skills and the use of high quality materials.

Mold materials
Cold forming dies for sheet metal are often made from high strength tool steel to ensure the durability and accuracy required for the process.

Machining of the moulds
The construction of the molds can involve several phases, such as milling, grinding and EDM, to obtain the desired shape and dimensions with high precision.

Surface finish
The surface finish of the molds is essential to guarantee a machined sheet without defects or imperfections. Techniques such as polishing and diamond machining can be employed to achieve a smooth, scratch-free surface.